June, 2014

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Camille Griep

Almost everything I write is filled with easter eggs. This is part video game and part nod to the canon of literature that comes before us. I feel like literature is not only the story itself but everything that informs the story, and that’s a deep gift for readers.

Get Over Here

“Have you played Mortal Kombat without blood? It’s…” I stopped, thought of the right word. “It’s pointless.”

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Tasha Coryell

I took a flash fiction class with Chad Simpson when my senior year of college. I wrote a flash fiction piece titled “I hate video games.”

Donkey Kong Country D’eux

Just the migraine medication, please, or Vicodin, Oxycodone, heroin, anything to numb the pain in her scalp, the strain of weight on her roots, the sea sickness, the constant spinning, spinning, spinning.