January, 2016

NV, 1979

when we would play Space Invaders,
we would pretend we were killing hegemony

Play Again

Play again until the pieces fill
every hungry threshold

Five Erasures from ‘Mastering Pac-Man’

The ever-present monsters / soon catch up and A MAN / slowly disappears as the machine utters / a whine another MAN / appears the process repeats


When I was in the final weeks of a tough, brawling pregnancy with my son, my sweet husband, Devan, asked me if there was anything we could do to take my mind off of it, help pass the time. I told him I wanted to play Mario Kart.

harvest moon: summer solstice

well bottoms have dried, have heard the baritone rumble of river and evaporated into counter-melody. villagers wake to a death march, to a song broke free from the ground.