May, 2019

ode to pokemon trainer Red

i hope Red had taken time to write his
requiem for his lost dad, when trainer
Silver, had happened
to find him praying at the mountain froth.

Forever Baby

Maybe all children stop growing up at some point, and then start up again. Like a plant hibernating in the cold.

Clump Soul. Katamari in 4 Parts.

At crux of the rainbow: Blackness.
The King must fade in twinkling church
organ and WWF belt.

Pacman’s Ghosts

Pacman thought Blinky was his friend until Blinky bit into his shoulder, and nothing was the same after that.


After playing hours and hours and hours of a so-called “open world” game that simulated a wilderness realm in which I was an outlaw and member of a gang of men and women and children who lived together in a camp on a wooded plateau not far from a town called “Valentine”