Final Fantasy

Retrogamer: I, Fanboy

Is my fanfiction good? Of course not. Does it matter that it’s terrible? Also: of course not.

Retrogamer: Speed Dating for Video Games

Phantasy Star 0 played like I imagined a heroin overdose would feel: slow, stultifying, mind-numbing, a product of poor decisions.

Vignettes from Final Fantasy VI

War knows your question already. No need to say it aloud. But keep it in your head, just the same. You’ll need it when the music starts.


I calle your bODYE the wayepoiinte I clall it the FINAL BOSSE

but the finale bosse is my bodye I knoae the goale is still finallye SINGKING

Becoming Summoners

After failing to write one word for four months, I decided I had to make the dissertation a game. I had to treat myself like a child—develop a system of rewards. The method came to me in a flash: eight proposed chapters, eight Aeons in FFX. The idea of a pilgrimage. My old, dusty idol.