Writer/Gamer Q&A: Robert James Russell

Games with great graphics are cool, sure, but I want something that’s going to take me deeper in and give me an emotional reaction to it. Inspire me to feel something, whatever that might be. The Last of Us was the last game I played to do that—to put the story absolutely first, in my opinion. And it was incredible. And I try to remind myself of that: that storytelling, in any form, in any medium, can be a powerhouse.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Andrew Donovan

I do wonder, however, if a writer wrote about, say, 1940s Hollywood, if someone would ask them, “How do you balance watching movies and writing?” It’s just that, in terms of time commitment, I devote as much time to playing games as some writers do to watching TV or reading blogs.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Roy Guzmán

Roy Guzmán is the writer behind the very first works of poetry that Cartridge Lit published: “The Fighter of Nortune” and “Jungian.” He’s headed to Minnesota this fall to earn a well-deserved MFA, but for now, he chats with us a little bit about Tetris and Lolita: The Game.          Cartridge Lit: What games are […]

Writer/Gamer Q&A: John McCarthy

There were a lot of good things to remember about our talks and revelations, but nothing compared to the feeling and taste of lukewarm Mountain Dew after beating Whiz-pig and the all the silver-coin challenges at three in the morning.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Thomas Nowak

I tend to write about what is in my head, so I almost always write about video games in some way, but that is just because I think about them so much. There is no magic plan to make it all fit. Just don’t spend a lot of time and energy doing anything you don’t love.