April, 2016

Blood Meridian for the NES

“Get those scalps,” I used to yell at the TV, because I didn’t know what that really meant. They were like gold coins or rubies; the more I got, the better I felt, because the best gift you can give a kid for a divorce is distraction.

Zork: a Treatise on Story

/You don’t know how to do that, the game spelled out, and /I don’t know the word /drag and /The door is already open, error messages which forced you to consider what words might work in each situation, substituting /move for /drag or /carry for /kick.

The Last of Us

What was funny when the world existed

still holds—Dr. Oceanfront, Hall of Fame Top 10 Reviewer
is a favorite life of ours to consider—long after the last Amazon
Prime order went through, is he somewhere, out there

Doll in Solitude

var america = prompt(“Growth is the process of an individual organism aging organically. Here
it is evident in plants, trees, rocks, shadows and others. One is the loneliest.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

You, baby brother, who only liked to watch but never play, for hours on
end as an 8-bit fanfare blipped deep into the school night. I promised not to tell
mom if you didn’t & we were safe then from the dive-bombing